HangaDelen™ Server Security

Powerful Protection For Servers

Proactive Detection



Server Protection


Secure Servers – A Key Security Element.

Server Security Is An Anti-Malware Suite Tailored For Servers, Offering Award-winning Protection For File Servers. Server Security Provides Enhanced Real-time Protection Against Viruses, Trojans, Spyware, Rootkits, And Other Malware. It Offers Centralized And Local User Interface Management Options Through Policy Manager Or Through A Built-In Web Console.

Proactive Detection

Behavior-Based Proactive Detection For New Threats With Withsecure's Award-Winning Deepguard Technology


Software Updater Helps Keep The Operating System And 3rd Party Server Software Updated And Protected Against Vulnerability-Based Threats


Flexible, Centralized And Local User Interface Management Options Through Policy Manager Or Through A Built-In Web Console

Server Protection

Protects Microsoft Windows Servers, Linux, Ubuntu, Citrix And Terminal Servers

HangaDelen Provide Unique Smart Features

HangaDelen™ Server Security Uses Advanced Behavioral Analysis To Provide Protection For File Servers Against Malware And Software Exploits.

HangaDelen Server Security Is A Robust Server Security Solution That Protects Your File Servers Against Malware And Software Vulnerabilities Without Slowing Down The System. It Offers Real-Time Scanning Protection In An Affordable And Easy-to-manage Solution, Providing Protection Against All Types Of Online Threats.

Speed Up Your Workflow With Our Features.

Linux File Server Protection
Browsing Protection
Botnet Blocker
Offload Scanning Agent
Advance Protection
Web Traffic Scanning
Software Updater

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“I Have Been Using Hangadelen's Server Security System For Over A Year Now, And I Am Extremely Impressed With Its Effectiveness. It Has Provided Us With Top-Notch Protection Against Any Potential Cyber Threats, Giving Us Peace Of Mind Knowing That Our Data Is Secure.”

Rohit Khanna

Co-Founder Toplyne

“Hangadelen's Server Security System Has Exceeded My Expectations In Terms Of Performance And Reliability. It Has Consistently Detected And Prevented Any Unauthorized Access Attempts, Ensuring That Our Sensitive Information Remains Confidential. I Highly Recommend It To Any Business Looking For Robust Server Security.”

Sylvestre Dupont

Co-Founder & CEO, Parseur

“The Hangadelen Server Security System Has Been A Game-changer For Our Organization. It Has Significantly Reduced The Risk Of Potential Data Breaches And Cyber Attacks, Allowing Us To Focus On Our Core Operations Without Worrying About The Safety Of Our Servers. The User-friendly Interface And Regular Updates Make It A Breeze To Manage And Maintain.”

Hongbo Sun

CEO, Bonflite

“I Cannot Emphasize Enough How Impressed I Am With The Hangadelen Server Security System. It Has Not Only Protected Our Servers From External Threats But Also Provided Us With Detailed Reports And Insights On Potential Vulnerabilities. The Proactive Approach Taken By Hangadelen In Constantly Improving Their Security Measures Gives Us The Confidence To Trust Them With Our Critical Data.”

Wayne Garb

CEO, Ooona

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Protect Your Servers With The Ultimate Hangadelens Security Software Solution

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Strengthen Your Server Defenses With Hangadelen's Technology For Peace Of Mind

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Answers To Commonly Asked Questions About Our Product/Service

Hangadelen Server Security Software Is A Comprehensive Security Solution Designed Specifically For Server Environments. It Provides Advanced Protection Against Various Cyber Threats, Ensuring The Integrity And Confidentiality Of Your Server Data.

Hangadelen Server Security Software Offers A Range Of Features Including Real-Time Threat Detection And Prevention, Firewall Protection, Intrusion Detection And Prevention, Data Encryption, Secure Remote Access, And Regular Security Updates. It Also Includes A User-friendly Interface For Easy Management And Monitoring.

Hangadelen Server Security Software Utilizes Advanced Algorithms And Machine Learning Techniques To Detect And Prevent Various Cyber Threats Such As Malware, Viruses, Ransomware, And Unauthorized Access Attempts. It Actively Monitors Server Activities, Network Traffic, And User Behavior To Identify And Mitigate Potential Security Risks.

Yes, Hangadelen Server Security Software Can Be Customized To Meet The Specific Security Requirements Of Your Server Environment. It Allows You To Configure Security Policies, Set Up Access Controls, And Define Security Rules Based On Your Organization's Needs. It Also Provides Detailed Logs And Reports For Auditing And Compliance Purposes.

Yes, Hangadelen Server Security Software Is Designed To Be Compatible With Various Server Operating Systems Including Windows Server, Linux, And Unix. It Seamlessly Integrates With Your Existing Server Infrastructure And Can Be Easily Deployed Across Multiple Servers For Centralized Security Management.

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